inflammatory macrophage

in·flam·ma·to·ry mac·ro·phage

a macrophage found at sites of inflammation.
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IRF5 promotes inflammatory macrophage polarization and TH1-TH17 responses.
Notch-RBP-J signaling regulates the transcription factor IRF8 to promote inflammatory macrophage polarization.
In a series of test tube studies, the researchers flushed out the specifics of how Notch influences the molecular cascade leading to generation of inflammatory macrophage.
NP001, a regulator of macrophage activation, exerts its effect by converting these activated inflammatory macrophages back to their normal state.
Until now, the thinking was that inflammatory macrophages arise mainly from the recruitment of their precursors -- monocytes -- from the bloodstream," said Clint Robbins, lead author on the study and an Assistant Professor in U of T's Departments of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, and Immunology.
Its analgesic effect stems from the compound's ability to inhibit the production of cytokines and chemokines, which are small signaling molecules that attract inflammatory macrophages to the nerve cells.
Liver macrophages constitute resident and inflammatory macrophages both of which play an important role in liver inflammation.
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