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Key findings show that 44 per cent of British homeowners between the ages of 35 and 54 expect to have to sell their home to fund the cost of either residential or home care in the event of infirmity.
Ratzinger said that physical infirmity may well be a defining element for the rest of this papacy.
Lady Cosgrove told him he would have got even longer but for his age and infirmity.
Sampras has won four Open titles, but has also had his share of infirmity here.
In a small way, this framing device spoils the stories that follow, since it spells out their emotional outcomes - anger, infirmity, fear, rebirth.
But he had a stubborn refusal to be handicapped by age or infirmity.
Opening a run of six performances at the Wiltern Theatre on Saturday night, Baryshnikov stared down the demons of infirmity and old age with a virtuoso display of dance.
Generally, there is food and shelter and clothing available, or ways of getting them except in truly tragic circumstances - such as those too broken down by drugs or alcohol or some other infirmity to take advantage of what is almost within their reach.
A tactless know-it-all who offers racing fans the benefit of his years of experience by publishing eyeball assessments of horses' fitness or infirmity.
Lasorda's infirmity places Russell in a bit of a quandary.
But when Walt is laid low by a stroke, and his pride and physical infirmity prevent him from traveling to therapy, he must choke down his pride and take singing lessons from Rusty to regain control of his voice.
Butler, however, turns 40 in mid-June, and it remains to be seen if the twin forces of age and severe infirmity will combine to wear Butler down.