inferior transverse scapular ligament

in·fe·ri·or trans·verse scap·u·lar lig·a·ment

an inconstant fibrous band that passes from the lateral border of the spine of the scapula to the posterior margin of the glenoid cavity.
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Potential anatomical reasons which predispose a patient to SNES include the shape of the suprascapular notch [23]; band-shaped [24], bifurcated [25], or completely ossified [26] STSL; the presence of the anterior coracoscapular ligament [1] or spinoglenoid ligament [25, 27]; the course of the suprascapular nerve and vessels [28]; the structural type of the inferior transverse scapular ligament (ITSL) [29, 30]; hypertrophy of the infraspinatus muscle [31].
Spinoglenoid Ligament (Inferior Transverse Scapular Ligament).

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