tibiofibular syndesmosis

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tib·i·o·fib·u·lar syn·des·mo·sis

the fibrous union of the tibia and fibula consisting of the interosseous membrane and the anterior, interosseous and posterior tibiofibular ligaments at the distal extremities of the bones.
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Several taping techniques described by Brian Mulligan have been presented, including techniques for tennis elbow and the inferior tibiofibular joint subluxation commonly seen in the recurrent ankle sprain population.
Congenital diastasis of the inferior tibiofibular joint with clubfoot and imperforate anus.
The inferior tibiofibular joint consists of the three main syndesmotic ligaments: the anterior tibiofibular ligament, the posterior tibiofibular ligament, and the interosseous ligament (1).

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