inferior temporal gyrus

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in·fe·ri·or tem·po·ral gy·rus

a sagittal convolution on the inferolateral border of the temporal lobe of the cerebrum, separated from the middle temporal gyrus by the inferior temporal sulcus. On the inferior surface of the temporal lobe it is separated from the medial occipitotemporal gyrus by the occipitotemporal sulcus. It includes the lateral occipitotemporal gyrus.
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inferior temporal gyrus

The inferior-most of the three longitudinal gyri that cover the lateral surface of the temporal lobe.
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In addition, the data show reliability across subjects within groups for both the phonological and lexical access tasks in inferior temporal gyrus, where another fMRI study with children (Georgiewa et al., 1999) found differences between dyslexics and controls.
Finally, the comparison between controls and all linguistic variants (Figure 2(c)) showed a major disconnection in Heschl's left gyrus, left amygdala, left fusiform, left inferior temporal gyrus, right middle temporal gyrus, and left temporal pole (Table S4).
Compared with the healthy control subjects, the patients with PD showed increased fALFF values in the left inferior temporal gyrus (ITG), right IPL and right middle frontal gyrus (MFG) ( P < 0.01, after correction with AlphaSim) [Table 3], [Figure 1] and [Figure 2].
2), the distance from the lateral sulcusto the inferior margin of the inferior temporal gyrus and M3 (Fig.
This conjunction analysis (using t > 3.5 as the threshold) yielded overlapping activation across 87 voxels, in three main regions, namely, the left fusiform gyrus, the right inferior temporal gyrus, and the right inferior parietal lobule (Figure 4).
The findings of this experiment are summarized as follows: as an accompaniment became more complex, (i) the subjects felt that the sound of music was richer and (ii) the fusiform cortex and the posterior portion of the inferior temporal gyrus were activated.
Compared to the control group, the dancer group showed that the seed belonging to the inferior frontal gyrus had significantly lower functional connectivity to the bilateral insula, right inferior temporal gyrus, bilateral precentral gyrus, left postcentral gyrus, left middle temporal gyrus, left fusiform gyrus, and right cerebellum (Table 3, Figure 2).
Tang and colleagues [97] studied the default mode network (DMN) in patients with early-onset schizophrenia (12 to 19 years old); they found increased functional connection between the ventromedial prefrontal lobe and the right inferior temporal gyrus, left angular gyrus, and dorsomedial prefrontal lobe, but decreased functional connection between the right angular gyrus and the cerebellar tonsil, left superior frontal gyrus and right inferior semilunar lobule.
During the resting state, the depression group had higher mean ALFF than the control group in the posterior cingulate gyrus, left inferior temporal gyrus, right superior temporal gyrus, right insula, right parietal lobe, and right fusiform gyrus.
Yang and colleagues [33,34] assessed never-medicated Patients with OCD and found increased ReHo and ALFF in the left anterior cingulum, increased ALFF in the left middle cingulate gyrus, and lower ReHo in the left inferior temporal gyrus. Zhang and Colleagues [35] found abnormal functional connectivity in the neural control networks of patients with OCD, including decreased functional connectivity in the posterior temporal area; increased functional binding in the cingulum, precuneus, thalamus and cerebellum; and a significantly higher level of local clustering (compared to the small-world architecture of health control subjects).
(27) aITG r (inferior temporal gyrus, anterior division right)
For the right hippocampus (MNI coordinate: x = 30, y = -8, and z =16), patients showed increased FCs with the left inferior temporal gyrus and clusters of the bilateral medial superior frontal gyrus and decreased FCs with the right inferior temporal gyrus, the left postcentral gyrus, the right Rolandic operculum, and the bilateral occipito-parietal lobules.

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