inferior radioulnar joint

dis·tal ra·di·o·ul·nar joint

the pivot synovial joint between the head of the ulna and the ulnar notch on the radius; an articular disc passes across the distal part of the joint.
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Those cases treated by fixation with plate screws and reinforcement with K-wires through the 3rd metacarpal had no inferior radioulnar joint subluxation.
Of the 17 cases, there was inferior radioulnar joint subluxation in 3 patients and all these were cases where the wrist and inferior radioulnar joints were not stabilised by K wires.
The main causes of limitation of rotations were residual angulatory deformity (Especially if it resulted in narrowing of the interosseous space), residual posterior angulation of the ulnar fracture, residual rotational malalignment of the fracture fragments, and derangement of the inferior radioulnar joint owing to relative shortening of the radius.