inferior part

in·fe·ri·or part

the lowermost portion of a structure relative to the other parts; portion closest to the soles of the feet. see inferior part of: duodenum, lingular branch of left pulmonary vein, and vestibular ganglion.
Synonym(s): pars inferior [TA]
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This and similar illustrations or explanations are put forth, not for their own sake, or as an exposition of Plato's theory of ideas, but with a view of showing that poetry and the mimetic arts are concerned with an inferior part of the soul and a lower kind of knowledge.
The posterior wall of the EAC was eroded with extensive granulations in the posterior half and the inferior part of the bony EAC (Figure 3), extending onto the posterosuperior part of the tympanic membrane.
Abdominal ultrasonography (US) revealed a suspicious appearance of small intestine loops in the inferior part of the epigastric zone, which was located in the midline of SMA and SMV trace, encircling the trace.
It leaves the pelvis through the inferior part of the greater sciatic foramen and enters the gluteal region below the piriformis muscle.
The Potwar Plateau and Kalabagh fault region is an inferior part of North West Himalayan fold and push girdle and is a direct result of India-Eurasia collision.
Examination of the patient revealed an ulcer mass covered with crust in the anterior and inferior part of the right-sided nasal cavity.
The centroid of the trigonum spinae and the most inferior part of the inferior angle are selected for this definition.
A less enhanced area was observed at the inferior part, which was likely to be necrotic or cystic.
The white area represents the swung anterior maxilla, and the blue area (inferior part of the zygomatic arch) represents the area removed for visualization purposes.
Therefore, an inferior part is often produced and the cycle-time reduction is not realized anyway.
After delivery, plain radiograph showed erosions all through both pubic rami, which were more prominent at the inferior part. Her numeric rating scale for pain was 7/10.

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