inferior oblique muscle

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in·fer·i·or ob·lique mus·cle

(in-fēr'ē-ŏr ō-blēk' mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, orbital plate of maxilla lateral to the lacrimal groove; insertion, sclera between the superior and lateral recti; action, primary, extorsion; secondary, elevation and abduction; nerve supply, oculomotor (inferior branch).
Synonym(s): musculus obliquus inferior [TA] .

inferior oblique muscle

Extraocular muscle. Origin: inside front lower margin of maxillary part of orbit. Insertion: lateral surface of eyeball behind its equator. Nerve: oculomotor (CN III). Action: turns eye up and outward with lateral rotation.
See: extraocular for illus.
See also: muscle
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