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1. The manner of appearance; looks.
2. The side of an object that is directed in any designated direction.
Synonym(s): norma (1)
[L. aspectus, fr. a-spicio, pp. -spectus, to look at]
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1. An outline or contour, especially one representing a side view of the human head.
Synonym(s): norma.
2. A summary, brief account, or record.
3. biowarfare Set of suspected characteristics linked to a person or group allegedly responsible for a terrorist activity or other act involving the use of biologic weapons.
[It. profilo, fr. L. pro, forward, + filum, thread, line (contour)]
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(nor'ma) [L., rule]
A view or aspect, esp. with reference to the skull.

anterior norma

Norma frontalis.

norma basilaris

Norma ventralis.

norma facialis

Norma frontalis.

norma frontalis

The outline of the skull viewed from the front. Synonym: anterior norma; norma facialis

inferior norma

Norma ventralis.

norma lateralis

A view of the skull as seen from the side; a profile view.

norma occipitalis

A view of the skull as seen from behind.

norma sagittalis

A view of the skull as seen in sagittal section.

superior norma

Norma verticalis.

norma ventralis

A view of the inferior surface of skull. Synonym: norma basilaris; inferior norma

norma verticalis

A view of the skull as seen from above. Synonym: superior norma
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