inferior mesenteric vein

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in·fe·ri·or mes·en·ter·ic vein

a continuation of the superior rectal vein at the brim of the pelvis, ascending retroperitoneally to the left of the aorta and emptying into the splenic vein or into the superior mesenteric vein or less commonly in the angle between these veins.
Synonym(s): vena mesenterica inferior [TA]
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inferior mesenteric vein

The vein that accompanies the inferior mesenteric artery; it drains the rectum and the sigmoid and descending colon, and it empties into the splenic vein.
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Inferior mesenteric vein with the ascending branch of left colic artery was lying close to the mouth of the sac.
[8] SMV (8.6) Absent (84.3) RCV = right colic vein; MCV = middle colic vein; aMCV = accessory middle colic vein; SRCV = superior right colic vein; SMV = superior mesenteric vein; JV =jejunal vein; IMV = inferior mesenteric vein; SV = splenic vein; N = not mentioned.
Balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration is aimed at obliterating the feeder vessel of superior rectal vein draining into inferior mesenteric vein while endoscopic obliteration takes care of submucosal blood vessels [10].
Reduction of the hernia was performed, ensuring preservation of the inferior mesenteric vein and middle colic artery branches.
Death is most commonly due to sepsis or peritonitis, while thrombus propagation into the superior and inferior mesenteric veins may result in bowel ischemia and infarction [7].

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