inferior border

(redirected from inferior margin)

in·fe·ri·or bor·der

the caudal or lowermost margin of a structure.
Synonym(s): margo inferior [TA], inferior margin

in·fe·ri·or bor·der

(in-fēr'ē-ŏr bōr'dĕr) [TA]
The caudal or lowermost margin of a structure.
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Common locations include the ribs, inferior margin of the femoral neck, pubis, medial proximal tibia, calvarium, vertebrae, and distal aspects of the clavicles, phalanges, and ulna.
Its position is commonly described as being below the second premolar and close to the inferior margin of the mandible (Afkhami et al.
5 cm) and the average distance of fissures from inferior margin was 4.
Ultrasound of the abdomen showed evidence of a well-defined heterogeneous area along the inferior margin of right lobe of liver with solid and fluid component raising the possibility of a sub- capsular or ruptured liver abscess.
5 cm fluid collection at the inferior margin of the sternotomy (red oval).
2]=96% in the ambient air, apexian shock left intercostal space VII on anterior axillary line, BP =140/90 mmHg, AV[approximately equal to]69 beats/minute, arrhythmic cardiac noises, 4/6 degree mitral systolic murmur with axillary irradiation, 4/6 degree tricuspid systolic murmur, aortic atheromatosis murmur, turgescent jugular veins, supple abdomen, mobile when breathing, sensitive at touch in the right hypochondrium, without signs of peritoneal irritation, liver with sharp inferior margin, 4 cm below the costal margin, pre-hepatic diameter (PFD = 18 cm), rough phenomena of portal hepatic decompensation, low pulsatile pedis arteries.
The locking ring of the bipolar head prosthesis had been broken, and partial wear of the polyethylene insert was observed, especially in the inferior margin [Figure 3].
Cortical irregularity at the inferior margin of the right iliac bone and ossification within the adjacent soft tissues were seen in the pelvic radiographs.
The CT scan demonstrated lobulated bony outgrowths arising from the inferior margin of the hard palate, consistent with torus palatinus.
In fundus examination, bilateral chorioretinal colobomatous areas in the lower half of the retina, including the inferior margin of the optic discs were observed.
Pull the liver superiorly and tilt its inferior margin anteriorly to expose the lesser omentum.

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