inferior gemellus muscle

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in·fer·i·or ge·mel·lus mus·cle

(in-fēr'ē-ŏr jĕ-mel'ŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, tuberosity of ischium; insertion, tendon of musculus obturator internus; action, rotates thigh laterally; nerve supply, sacral plexus.
Synonym(s): gemellus, musculus gemellus inferior.
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The superior gemellus muscle originates in the external face and in the inferior margin of the ischial spine, while the inferior gemellus muscle originates from the ischial tuberosity (Testut & Latarjet, 1975).
In this corpse, bilateral absence of superior gemellus muscle coexisted with unilateral absence of inferior gemellus muscle. Terry said in his study that the superior gemellus muscle was absent bilaterally in 6.3 % of the samples (16 of 254 corpses), and its incidence on women was of 3.9 % (3 of 76 women).
(2007) mentioned that the superior gemellus muscle can merge with the piriformis muscle or gluteus minimus muscle, and the inferior gemellus muscle can fuse with the quadratus femoris muscle.
demonstrated dual innervation from nerves mentioned above, in 60.4 % of the samples for the superior gemellus muscle and 2 % for the inferior gemellus muscle. Moore et al., indicated that despite the inferior gemellus muscle receives separate innervation from the quadratus femoris nerve, is more realistic to consider these three muscles as a single unit, as they are incapable of independent action.

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