inferior branch

in·fe·ri·or branch

a branch that is directed downward (caudally) or that is lowly placed, usually in contrast with another branch (superior branch), which is directed upward (rostrally) or is highly placed. Terminologia Anatomica lists inferior branches of the oculomotor nerve (CN III), the superior gluteal artery, and the transverse cervical nerve.
Synonym(s): ramus inferior [TA]
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Lateral left hemispheric face after removal of frontal and parietal operculum: 1- pars triangularis; 2- short gyrus of insula; 3- long gyri of linsula; 4- inferior branch of middle cerebral artery (M2 Segment), Middle cerebral artery trifurcation; 6- superior temporal gyrus (Thomas Frigeri).
The inferior branch of ileo-colic artery passes over the superior border of the ileo-caecal junction and gives the following branches:
The branchial spines of the first arch are short, pointed, some of them with small ramifications; 6 on the inferior branch and 5 on the superior branch.
Entitled "The Two Cultures", it warned of the growing gulf between scientists and "literary intellectuals", a class he described as "natural Luddites" who not only sneered at science as an inferior branch of learning and were ignorant of the Second Law of Thermodynamics but in their complacent uninterest in the scientific revolution were blind to the menaces of nuclear weapons, overpopulation and the gap between the rich and poor.
The inferior branch runs through gluteus minimus muscle obliquely, supplies it and gluteus medius muscle and anastomoses with the lateral circumflex artery.
5, patients whose neuromas originated in the inferior branch exhibited abnormalities during SOT conditions 5 and 6, whereas patients whose tumors originated in the superior branch had normal CDPs.
That The Amber Spyglass won the prestigious Whitbread award comprehensively confirms that children's literature should not be regarded as an inferior branch of the discipline,'' saidDr Margaret Lockerbie-Cameron,from the English Department.
For instance, an extant Cracow codex, copied during the Council of Constance (1414-18), "occupies an inferior branch of the textual stemma, which proves the exceptionally wide diffusion of the Dialogi in the early years of the Quattrocento" (19).
In ancient and medieval times, surgery was looked down upon as an inferior branch of medicine, since it involved working with one's hands and was uncomfortably akin to butchery and vivisection.
The inferior branch of the central retinal artery (CRA) shows a marked deposit.

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