inferior border of liver

in·fe·ri·or bor·der of liv·er

the sharp border of the liver that separates the diaphragmatic and visceral surfaces.
Synonym(s): margo inferior hepatis [TA]
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The Quadrate lobe is quadrilateral in outline bounded on the left by fissure for ligamentum teres, on the right by fossa for gall bladder, above and behind by the porta hepatis and caudate process and below and in front by the inferior border of liver. [1]
In place of a small notch at the inferior border of liver for the Ligamentum Teres (LT), majority of them showed a deep fissure cutting across the inferior border and extending to a variable length on the anterior surface of liver.
Laproscopic cholecystectomy attempted but converted to open cholecystectomy as there were local adhesions between stomach duodenum and omentum with inferior surface of liver, active bleeding was noticed from the hematoma already present at inferior border of liver. Hematoma evacuation was done.
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