inferential statistics

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in·fer·en·tial sta·tis·tics

statistics from which an inference is made about the nature of a population; the purpose is to generalize about the population, based on data from the sample selected from the population.
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There are few uses for inferential statistics in valuation.
While the study does have sufficient numbers to support the use of inferential statistics, it was under-powered to detect between-group differences such as the comparisons for men and women, level of training, specialty and working environment.
If data were collected before and after the intervention, the appropriate inferential statistics were not complete.
These misconceptions may be indicative of poor undergraduate background on inferential statistics. To address these misconceptions, different teaching strategies were used in these graduate statistics classes.
Chapter 7 "Descriptive Statistics", Chapter 8 "Graphical Representations" and Chapter 9 "Inferential Statistics and Data Interpretation" introduce students to several procedures from which they can choose to describe their data.
The evolution of accounting standards, risk management and inferential statistics have collided--with a profound effect on our lives that's shaping policy, regulation, management systems and technology.
Descriptive and inferential statistics were applied in the two time periods.
However, the series of small yet significant issues with the inferential statistics, as in the foregoing examples, gives the reader less confidence in conclusions drawn using inferential statistical techniques.
As such, inferential statistics were not applicable to this type of data.
For inferential statistics, t-test showed, for the general history interest, students of majors closely related to history had significantly higher score than other major students, t (28.31) = 5.18, p < .001.
Inferential statistics is an indispensible tool for biological hypothesis testing.
Of course, the new manual contains a number of other additions and changes, including an expanded ethics section; in-depth formatting guidelines and information for reporting inferential statistics; a comprehensive overview of citations and references, with a focus on electronic formats; and an overview of the publication process.