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1. For a microorganism to enter, invade, or inhabit another organism, causing infection or contamination.
2. To dwell internally, endoparasitically, as opposed to externally (infest).
[L. in-ficio, pp. -fectus, to dip into, dye, corrupt, infect, fr. in + facio, to make]
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tr.v. in·fected, in·fecting, in·fects
1. To invade and proliferate in, often resulting in disease. Used of microorganisms or other infectious agents: people who were infected with salmonella.
2. To cause the invasion of (a cell, for example) with a microorganism or other infectious agent: The researchers infected the bacteria with a virus.
3. To transmit a pathogen or disease to: The sick child infected the entire class.
4. To contaminate with a pathogenic microorganism or agent: Cholera infected the water supply.
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1. To enter, invade, or inhabit another organism, causing infection or contamination.
2. To dwell internally, endoparasitically, as opposed to externally.
[L. in-ficio, pp. -fectus, to dip into, dye, corrupt, infect, fr. in + facio, to make]
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Patient discussion about infect

Q. Yeast infection in bloodstream How to get rid of yeast infection systemically.

A. there are several treatments and medications against systemic fungal infections, yeasts included. but in order to get treated you have to go through a proper diagnosis and a Dr. should check what kind of fungus you are having and prescribe the medication that fits it. me throwing all sort of medication names won't give you anything. this has to be checked out with a blood test and a culture.

Q. Is this an infection or pregnancy? I am worried with the white odorless mucus discharge. My hubby and I are also trying for baby. I have browsed the web and found that this could be possible infection also. Is this an infection or pregnancy?

A. It’s a cervical discharge and mucus secreted may be majorly a sign of pregnancy. I too had the same symptom but was tested positive for pregnancy. At times it may be a normal vaginal discharge. Generally it will be a yeast infection. Just check for your body temperature changes as it indicates good for you. Your mucus will be like raw egg white, the more thick more chances for positive. Keep a check on these factors. I shall suggest you to visit the doctor to confirm the same instead of making your own conclusions.

Q. What are the symptoms of salmonella infection?

A. Dehydration is the principal clinical concern. The incubation period – the time between ingestion of Salmonella bacteria and the onset of illness – varies from six to 72 hours.Salmonella can cause three different kinds of illness: gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, and bacteremia.Symptoms of Salmonella gastroenteritis include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, nausea, and/or vomiting.In mild cases diarrhea may be non-bloody, occur several times per day, and not be very voluminous; in severe cases it may be frequent, bloody and/or mucoid, and of high volume. Fever generally occurs in the 100°F to 102°F (38°C to 39°C) range. Vomiting is less common than diarrhea. Headaches, myalgias (muscle pain), and arthralgias (joint pain) are often reported as well.Whereas the diarrhea typically lasts 24 to 72 hours, patients often report fatigue and other nonspecific symptoms lasting 7 days or longer. For the full article:

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In Figure 3(b) we plot the number of acute infectors which change with parameters [theta] and [[gamma].sub.1].
Generic application infectors make up the third and most widespread category of viruses.
Unfortunately, boot infectors cannot be prevented in this manner because they occur before the prevention program is loaded.
Other researchers found that allele GF of HLA-DRB1 *1301/1302 among European chronic hepatitis B infectors was 5.7%, which was lower than healthy people (26.7%); they also found that allele GF of HLA-DRB1 *1301/1302 was significantly higher among patients with acute hepatitis B than that among patients with chronic hepatitis B.
Disease Case Tuberculosis Average patient Tuberculosis Outbreak in office building Tuberculosis Human to guinea pig transmission Multi-drug resistant Human to guinea pig tuberculosis transmission (highest infectors) Measles Outbreak in a school Influenza School cases in Taiwan Influenza Aircraft outbreak SARs Taipei Hospital outbreak Rhinovirus 16 Experimental data Disease Quanta/h Reported by Tuberculosis 1.25 Nardell et al.
An infector is removed with probability Pr(IR) (I - 1 ; R + 1 ; S and E remain the same).
* System infectors. These viruses attach themselves to system files necessary for the normal operation of the computer.
* Utility and program infectors. By far the most dangerous, these are also the most common.
f' = volume fraction of inhaled air that was exhaled by infectors;
In the present study, the volumetric fraction of inhaled air that was exhaled by infectors was calculated as
Infector and susceptible occupants move through the indoor environment, and due to these movements, relative to each other, cough droplets can be released at several (1) distances, (2) postures, (3) positions around the susceptible occupant, and (4) relative orientations between the infector and susceptible occupants breathing zone.
burgorferi, the causative Lyme infector, can be a commensal organism.