infantile spasm

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in·fan·tile spasm

brief (1-3 second) muscular spasms in infants with West syndrome, which often appear as nodding or salaam spasms.
Synonym(s): salaam convulsions
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An early onset condition characterised by a triad:
(1) Infantile spasms,
(2) Interictal EEG pattern termed hypsarrhythmia, and
(3) Mental retardation. Per the international classification, the diagnosis can be made in the presence of two of the three symptoms. The frequent onset of West syndrome in infancy suggests that CNS immaturity may play a key role in its pathogenesis. The clinical response to ACTH and glucocorticoids may be linked to suppression of corticotropin-releasing hormone production
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infantile spasm

Seizure marked by momentary flexion or extension of the neck, trunk, extremities, or any combination, with onset occurring in the first year of life. Although infantile spasms subside in late infancy, many affected children develop other types of seizures and may be severely retarded.
See also: spasm
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Considering the extensiveness and ease of use of ketogenic formula, it is expected that diet treatment will be used extensively in infants with infantile spasm in the forthcoming period.
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Biopharmaceutical company Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc (Nasdaq:CPRX) declared on Tuesday the receipt of orphan-drug designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the companya[euro](tm)s investigational drug CPP-115 for the treatment of infantile spasms.
As the age advances, seizures convert to typical infantile spasms and EEG findings convert to hypsarythmia.
EDITOR: A point about infantile spasm seizures that often is not communicated clearly to parents may be useful here: as babies' brains grow, and the brain cells mature, the type of seizure can often change, evolving from infantile spasms to other forms of epilepsy.
DALLAS -- Infantile spasm is a rare early childhood myoclonic seizure disorder that family physicians can't afford to miss, Capt.
Moreover, a seizure may be generalized or focal and may fall into subcategories such as tonic-clonic, absence, tonic, atonic, and infantile spasm.

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