infantile colic

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in·fan·tile col·ic

episodes of abdominal pain due to abnormal muscular contraction of the intestine in infants.
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infantile colic

Colic occurring in infants, principally during the first few months of life. It may respond to substitution of a hypoallergenic formula for cow's milk or to decreased stimulation of the infant.
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A questionnaire form examining environmental factors was filled out by every infantile colic patient.
Infants who were exclusively breastfed, were aged [less than or equal to] 9 weeks and who met the Wessel criteria for infantile colic were included.
Conclusion: Reflexology application for babies suffering from infantile colic may be a promising method to alleviate colic severity.
CONCLUSION: The inclusion of spinal manipulative therapy as part of the protocol for the treatment of infantile colic is promising.
This study examined the effects of chiropractic treatment on infantile colic. 48 infant subjects were recruited and randomized into two groups.
Before the headache: infantile colic as an early life expression of migraine.
The medical records of all the study subjects were reviewed for a diagnosis of infantile colic. Parent questionnaires confirmed this history in every case.
The researchers found that the presence of migraine in children and adolescents was indeed associated with a history of infantile colic, but they emphasized that additional longitudinal studies were required to confirm these results.
Effectiveness for treatments of infantile colic: systematic review.
Infantile colic can be safely treated with cinnamon syrup - it will relieve griping, intestinal pains.

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