Parrot, Jules Marie

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Jules Marie, French physician, 1829-1883.
Bednar-Parrot syndrome - Synonym(s): Parrot I syndrome
Parrot atrophy of the newborn
Parrot nodes - Synonym(s): Parrot sign
Parrot pseudoparalysis - syphilitic osteochondritis in newborns causing pseudoparalysis in one or more extremities. Synonym(s): syphilitic pseudoparalysis
Parrot sign - indicates congenital syphilis in newborns. Synonym(s): Parrot nodes
Parrot I syndrome - pseudoparalysis; periarticular swelling, onset seldom after 3 months of age. Synonym(s): Bednar-Parrot syndrome; Parrot syphilitic osteochondritis
Parrot II syndrome - failure to thrive, emaciation, edema, dry skin, with subcutaneous fat loss, abdomen flat or distended, hypothermia, slow pulse, decreased metabolic rate. Synonym(s): marasmus; infantile atrophy; inanition; athrepsia
Parrot syphilitic osteochondritis - Synonym(s): Parrot I syndrome
Parrot ulcer - seen in stomatitis or thrush
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