infant Hercules

in·'fant Her·cu·les

term applied to young children with precocious sexual and muscular development due to a virilizing adrenocortical disorder.
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A number of conditions have called infant Hercules syndrome
(1) Kocher-Debré-Semélaigne syndrome A clinical form of infant-onset hypothyroidism characterised by generalized enlargement of muscles that are weak with slowed reaction time, myxoedema, and cretinism
(2) Adrenogenital syndrome due to functional hyperplasia, adenomas or carcinomas of the adrenal cortex
(3) A case caused by mutation in the myostatin gene which resulted in both muscular hypertrophy and increased strength
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The event also included a performance from the Infant Hercules choir led by Mike McGrother singing Boro-inspired songs.
The show was backed by live band Infant Hercules Choir, and has been hailed as an example of fine Teesside storytelling packed with emotion, humour and energy.
Although in the Torre cycle Rubens derived from Titian an overall emphasis on the human failings of the gods, he put a positive interpretative spin on the myths associated with the Spanish Habsburgs, such as the nurturing of the infant Hercules by Juno (98, 99).
In recent years Sherlocks, the Twisted Lip, the Devil's Advocate, The Infant Hercules and Dr Phil's have all opened in Middlesbrough, with the Golden Smog in Stockton, the Green Hops in Billingham and the Rat Race at Hartlepool have all opened, with an application for the Split Chimp in Newcastle set to be considered by the council.
"There was a time when Middlesbrough was described by Gladstone as an infant Hercules, and the industrialists who made it that way were indivisible from the community leadership.
The little gem of a sleeper that turned up at Christie's sale of property from the princely house of Liechtenstein in Amsterdam on 1 April was a bronze 'Infant Hercules' that has subsequently been identified as an autograph work by the Paduan master Andrea Riccio (c.
The Infant Hercules! Founded out of the foundries of Teesside.
"For any kid who looks a bit like an infant Hercules, this will be one of the genes to look at now," says Tejvir S.
Local band Cattle and Cane will play their Teesside-inspired song Infant Hercules on the pitch before kick-off.
So what is it like bringing up an infant Hercules who's so strong and active that he won't give you a moment's peace?
"In the past, he would have been given the medical term Infant Hercules. That term could still apply very well to him today."

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