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That which is given in exchange for something else; cost.
[L. expendo, to pay out]
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The women took no notice of the strangers, except that their hands paused for a moment and their long narrow eyes slid round and fixed upon them with the motionless inexpensive gaze of those removed from each other far far beyond the plunge of speech.
Thus while I tell the truth about loobies, my reader's imagination need not be entirely excluded from an occupation with lords; and the petty sums which any bankrupt of high standing would be sorry to retire upon, may be lifted to the level of high commercial transactions by the inexpensive addition of proportional ciphers.
The Orfling was likewise accommodated with an inexpensive lodging in the same neighbourhood.
So Shaw let Milton alone, and he got on very well in his own way, doggedly sticking to his books, and resisting all temptations but those of certain libraries, athletic games, and such inexpensive pleasures as were within his means; for this benighted youth had not yet discovered that college nowadays is a place in which to "sky-lark," not to study.
I had let my flat in town, and taken inexpensive quarters at Thames Ditton, on the plea of a disinterested passion for the river.
And meantime the Chief Inspector went on, peering at the table with a calm face and the slightly anxious attention of an indigent customer bending over what may be called the by-products of a butcher's shop with a view to an inexpensive Sunday dinner.
It had given these subject races cigarettes, boots, bowler hats, cricket, race meetings, cheap revolvers, petroleum, the factory system of industry, halfpeuny newspapers in both English and the vernacular, inexpensive university degrees, motor-bicycles and electric trams; it had produced a considerable literature expressing contempt for the Subject Races, and rendered it freely accessible to them, and it had been content to believe that nothing would result from these stimulants because somebody once wrote "the immemorial east"; and also, in the inspired words of Kipling--
Roy Huntington's article about the inexpensive .22 single shot (Insider, "The Knocabout," May/June 2019) was excellent.
A quest to help the systems software community work on very large supercomputers without actually having to test on them has spawned an affordable, scalable system using thousands of inexpensive Raspberry Pi nodes.
Inaugurating a law chamber in Yadgar-e-Shuhada Block in Rawalpindi, Ghulam Sarwar said that provision of inexpensive and prompt justice to the people was among the top priorities of the PTI-led government.
Aqal Badshah told the Minister that in 2013, certain powers of the Ombudsman were repealed by amending the Act, which have affected the role of Ombudsman in provision of expedite and inexpensive justice to the public.
Making a formal announcement of CNG stations' reopening on Friday, a spokesman of the Petroleum and Natural Resources Division said the government was committed to providing inexpensive and environment-friendly fuel to consumers.