industrial psychology

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in·dus·tri·al psy·chol·o·gy

the application of the principles of psychology to problems in business and industry.
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industrial psychology

The branch of applied psychology that is concerned with efficient management of an industrial labor force and especially with problems encountered by workers in a mechanized environment.

industrial psychologist n.
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Second, normally the studies in the areas of organizational behavior, industrial psychology and human resource management address the direct cause-effect relationship without exploring the intervening variables (e.g.
Doctoral Programs available in our institute offers research training in many areas of specialization like Economics, Finance, OB and HRM, Marketing, Industrial Psychology and International Business.
Joseph is director of the Born To Excel Success Motivation Centre, Dubai.A He holds a Masters degree in educational and industrial psychology, in addition to business management degrees.
The Hawthorne study helped usher in a whole field of research, called industrial psychology; influenced the shape of ideas about human relations and management; and shaped the fundamentals of experimental design.
Moore received his bachelor's degrees in electrical/electronic engineering and industrial psychology from Southampton University, U.K.
A study published by the US Society of Industrial Psychology said our rational "left" brain dominates thinking early in the week - better for routine, mundane jobs.
In addition to offering lessons for improved communication, these cases are appropriate as studies for classes in principles of management, public administration, industrial psychology, managerial communications, organizational behavior, and labor management relations.
ERIC Descriptors: Employee Attitudes; Persistence; Work Attitudes; Industrial Psychology; Orientation; Organizational Development; Employer Employee Relationship; Change Strategies; Guidelines; Campuses; Long Range Planning
Consider for example, career choice and career change (vocational psychology) with employer selection, training and development (organisational psychology); or analysis of job (organisational psychology) with equipment and work area design to suit people (industrial psychology).
He might have devoted a chapter to the treatment of work in the industrial sociology and industrial psychology literature, to contrast it with the impoverished analysis of the mainstream economists.
Air Force in Germany during the early 1950's, and that he earned a degree in industrial psychology from UCLA in 1957.
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