industrial psychology

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in·dus·tri·al psy·chol·o·gy

the application of the principles of psychology to problems in business and industry.
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industrial psychology

The branch of applied psychology that is concerned with efficient management of an industrial labor force and especially with problems encountered by workers in a mechanized environment.

industrial psychologist n.
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* Industrial Psychologists work in consumer research, advertising and marketing fields and also engineering fields where they help design roads, equipment and work areas to suit people.
They claim that the NIIP was a force in the land and that Churchill was aware of the work of the industrial psychologists. Yet less than 20 years later some of their most important and influential work had been forgotten.
"When an industrial psychologist goes into a plant to try to show people how to change and why it is important to change, there is a lot of underlying emotion and aggression," says Michael Serena, educational psychologist and consultant with TBM Consulting, Durham, NC.
In Moody, the employer hired an industrial psychologist to validate its use of a cognitive test in its promotional process.
"These programs are designed to make it socially unacceptable, through peer pressure, to file fraudulent claims or engage in unsafe behavior," says Patficia Berry, the company's CEO and an industrial psychologist.
Wendy Rothman, a New York City-based industrial psychologist specializing in career management, likens the experience of job loss to any other kind of grief, where denial, anger and finally acceptance are part of a normal, albeit uncomfortable cycle.
James is an industrial psychologist with American Research Company, Inc., Great Falls, Virginia.
If they feel they have to, tell them to look for someone who's impartial and trained to work with people in their situation: an industrial psychologist or, even better, an attorney--but not the firm's attorney.
An industrial psychologist will evaluate the new materials for their validity and consistency with Departmental personnel policies.
Jones (CEO, Association of Business Executives) teams with Loftus, a development consultant and industrial psychologist, to provide business professionals with this time management guide that emphasizes the proper balance between work and home life.
Industrial psychologist Andre Filion, from the firm Andre Filion & Associates, career transition specialists, works for large organizations, addressing the career needs of their employees.
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