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Pertaining to, causing, or characterized by induration.
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Pertaining to, causing, or characterized by induration.
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1. The act of hardening.
2. An area of hardened tissue. See: sclerosis; skinindurative (-dur-a?tiv), adjective

black induration

Anthracosis of the lung.

brawny induration

Pathological hardening and thickening of tissues, usually due to inflammation.

brown induration

Pigmentation and fibrosis of the lung as a result of chronic venous congestion of the lung.

cyanotic induration

Induration from long continued venous hyperemia, pressure on vessels causing transudation of blood and serum, and formation of a dark, hard mass. In the liver or spleen it leads to absorption of the parenchyma with formation of scar tissue.

granular induration

Fibrosis of an organ such as the liver or kidney in which small fibrotic granules are present.

gray induration

Unresolved pneumonia with fibrosis of the lung, and no pigmentation.

red induration

Chronic interstitial pneumonia with severe congestion.
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