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To produce an electric current or a magnetic charge by induction.

Patient discussion about induct

Q. can smoking induce acidity on many ocassions i have felt discomfort similar to when i have acidity, but the problem goes away as soon as i stop smoking for a day or two??

A. I would like to add ther is a condition in respiratory medicine called respiratory acidosis,smoking can cause this state,your lungs can cause this state.Im not sure but this may also be one of your problems.--------mrfoot56

Q. Is it possible for exercise induced asthma patient to exercise? After several times I felt I couldn’t breathe after running and swimming, I was diagnosed with Exercise induced asthma. I tried to resume my regular exercise, but after I developed shortness of breath couple of times I stopped again. Should I attempt exercise again? How can I exercise without having another attack of asthma?

A. People can often prevent symptoms by taking medication prior to exercising. The type of medication used depends on several factors. For example, people with hay fever might take an antihistamine tablet before exercise.

For people with asthma, an inhaler can be used before exercise to prevent asthma problems. Your physician can recommend the best medication for you to use before exercise.

If you have dust mite allergy, you may want to exercise outdoors to avoid breathing indoor dust. If you are allergic to grasses and weeds, you may want to exercise in an indoor location during certain seasons.

Exercising should be avoided in areas where there are large amounts of chemicals. For example, you should not exercise outdoors near heavy traffic areas with high levels exhaust fumes from cars and trucks. Indoor areas with irritating odors or fumes, also, should be avoided.

Q. Does fish-oil helps exercise induced asthma? I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma a couple of year ago, and since then had better and worse times with my asthma, although the treatment I get. I read in a newspaper that fish oil can help exercise induced asthma- is that true? Do I have to eat fish-oil specifically or can I eat fish instead (I really, really, hate fish-oil…)?

A. I take 6, 1000mg softgels/day. It helps my asthma, arthritis and has lowered my closterol. Started with 10 and worked down to 6, which seems to work best, though sometimes I need the extra.

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CoLab integrates key portions of the CIMIT Model with Induct to provide an infrastructure that enables hospitals world-wide to engage in collaborative innovation with the Boston hospitals and other premier healthcare institutions.
Based on the pioneering work of UC Berkeley Professor Henry Chesbrough, author of the book 'Open Innovation' and one of the acknowledged leaders in the open innovation field, Induct integrates Enterprise 2.
Induct revolutionizes the way that companies think about innovation.
To help achieve these goals, and to facilitate our transition to a more open innovation environment, the Hospital will be deploying a new platform for innovation cooperation based on Induct to our employees.
We believe that our partnership with Induct will enable us to help NHS healthcare organizations to realize these goals.
Amidon will launch an Induct Innovation Community[TM] loaded with the Entovation Mesh, a collection of the knowledge and experience of over 188 leading practitioners worldwide, collectively known as the "E100.
This partnership will allow Scandinavian companies to benefit even more from BMG's innovation management expertise," said Alf Martin Johansen, Chairman and founder of Induct.
Table 5: US Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Air Purification Equipment by Product Type- Stand-alone Air Purification Equipment (Media Combinations, ESP, Plasma, and Others) and Induct Air Purification Equipment (Media Combination, UV, ESP, Photocatalytic Oxidation, and Others) Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2006 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-31
In March 2007, Induct founder Alf Martin Johansen, while participating in an MBA study tour arranged by BI Norwegian School of Management, attended a lecture on open innovation at UC Berkeley by Professor Chesbrough.
The small size of the InDuct analyzer allows it to be integrated into the exhaust line of a 200mm or 300mm CVD (chemical vapor deposition), ALD (atomic layer deposition) or etch process tool with zero impact on tool footprint.
Induct will revolutionize the way that companies think about innovation.
Each year, the city and the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce induct entertainers into the walk in downtown Newhall as a tribute to legends of Western film, stage, television and radio.