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When spinal anaesthesia induced hypotension and aortocaval compression co-exist, foetal acidosis is more severe.
The variables evaluated remained stable and within the physiological range, with the exception of arterial pressures, obviously due to the induced hypotension with isoflurane (Table 1).
In the last decades, series of studies have shown that hypertonic saline infusion (HSI) is beneficial to the prevention of hemorrhagic shock induced hypotension [3,4].
Xian, "Shenfu Injection for the treatment of hemodialysis induced hypotension," Guangdong Medical Journal, vol.
Dialysis induced hypotension is associated with impaired aortic elasticity in patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis.
Cause of death of alligators probably was induced hypotension and hypoxia.
Phenylephrine infusion for spinal induced hypotension in elective delivery: does pre-load make a difference?
[1] Bipolar diathermy, packing, local vasoconstrictor and induced hypotension are the most commonly used techniques.
Drug induced hypotension was controlled in successive procedures by injecting the sedatives/ muscle relaxants in small and frequent boluses, and by improving the hydration status of patient before the procedure.
The two primary indications for induced hypotension are: (1) to test cerebrovascular reserve in patients undergoing carotid occlusion; and (2) to slow flow in a feeding artery of brain arterio-venous malformations before glue injection (sometimes termed "flow arrest").