induced fit

in·duced fit

a conformational change in a macromolecule (for example, protein) as a result of multiple weak interactions with a ligand or substrate.
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Use of an induced fit receptor structure in virtual screening.
What is the role of induced fit as opposed to conformational selection in the process?
Thus, the only noticeable effect of the induced fit is usually a flickering of the eyelids.
Nothing but a drug induced fit of national amnesia could do that, and the notion that London could hold a major global event like the Olympics would be amusing if it wasn't clinically insane.
The latter pair induced fits of laughter from the off with the abundance of crucifixes that adorned their costumes.
apigenin significantly shortened the latency period of picrotoxin induced fits but did not reduce the incidence of seizures.
When asked why he had systematically disposed of his clothing, including in Prudhoe, he replied: "I got off at Prudhoe because I was extremely hot and sweaty, which has previously induced fits in me.