indophenol method

in·do·phe·nol meth·od

a method of determining quantitatively the amount of vitamin C in plant and animal tissue based on the rapid reduction of a standardized indophenol solution to a colorless compound by vitamin C in acid solution.
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The indophenol method was used for the determination of urease activity by measuring ammonia production as defined by Weatherburn [28].
Ammonia was determined by the indophenol method, and measured using a spectrophotometer (Biospectro; SP220; Curitiba, PR, Brazil; [lambda] = 640nm) according to the American Public Health Association (APHA, 1998).
Preparation of aerosol and air samples for the determination of ammonia by the indophenol method.
Ammonium ions were analyzed through Indophenol Method using UV/Visible spectrophotometer.
Urease inhibition activity was determined by measuring ammonia production using the indophenol method as described by Weatherburn (Weatherburn 1967).
Tomohiro S Determination of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) by indophenol method.
Determination of ammonia and Kjeldahl nitrogen by indophenol method.
Total ammonia was determined in extracted water samples (daily at 11:00h) with the colorimetric indophenol method [Solorzano, 1969].
Selmer-Olsen AR (1971) Determination of ammonium in soil extracts by an automated indophenol method.
The remaining dried soil was kept for analyses of total nitrogen (N) with the indophenol method and phosphorus (P) with the molybdenum blue method, after digesting 250 mg of soil in a sulfuric acid and selenous acid mixture for 1 h (Kedrowski 1983).