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The radical of indole.
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Both methoxy group at position 5 of the indole nucleus and the acetyl group of the side chain of melatonin are essential to scavenge free hydroxyl radical (181) Melatonin donates an electron to scavenge OH and becomes indolyl cation radical that in turn neutralizes superoxide radical (181) Protective effects of melatonin against metal-induced oxidative damage have been reported in studies done mostly in vivo and in vitro (182-185) A study conducted by Pal and Chatterjee (186) suggested that melatonin supplementation in arsenic-treated rats reduces free radical-mediated cytotoxicity and thereby helps in the restoration of normal cellular antioxidant status.
Here, [Beta]-galactosidase hydrolyzes the [Beta]-glycosidic bond of X-gal and produces an insoluble blue stain of indolyl monomers.