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The radical of indole.
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(I) Conventional TZDs: which fit into the topology of synthetic PPAR[gamma] agonist (i) With large size rings as lipophilic tail (a) Pyridyl TZDs (b) Pyrimidyl TZDs (ii) With bulky groups as lipophilic tail (a) Naphthyl TZDs (b) Styryl TZDs (c) Diphenyloxy TZDs (d) Pyridyl-Pyrrolidinyl TZDs (iii) With fused polynuclear/heterocyclic lipophilic tail (a) Indolyl TZDs (b) Pthalazinyl TZDs (c) Quinazolinyl TZDs (d) Quinoxalinyl TZDs (e) Benzpyryl (chroman) TZDs (f) Benzoxazolyl TZDs (g) Benzisoxazolyl TZDs (h) Benzoxazinyl TZDs (i) Dibenzpyryl TZDs (j) Imidazopyridyl TZDs (II) Unconventional TZDs: which do not fit into the topology of PPAR[gamma] agonists (a) TZD without characteristic lipophilic tail (b) TZD without characteristic linkers
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As a continuation of our interest in catalyst of supported mesoporous material in the organic synthesis [21, 22], herein, we reported isatins as the electrophiles to react with indoles using PWA/MCM-41 as catalyst at room temperature for the synthesis of 3,3-di(indolyl)indolin-2-ones.
at different positions whereas the set-II chalcones were containing one heterocyclic ring such as pyridinyl, pyrrolyl, furanyl, thienyl and indolyl. They tested all these compounds for their in vitro bactericidal action against six bacterial strains i.e.
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Herein, we report an efficient synthesis of a novel series of fluoro-containing indolyl chalcones (1a-g) and pyrazolines starting from commercially available indole and 2-(chloromethyl)-3 methyl-4-(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy) pyridine hydrochloride to facilitate the discovery of better antimicrobial agents.
As matter of fact, the trifluorobenzyl group in compound 18 shows similar characteristics to indolyl moiety in compound 1.
Slides were incubated in nitro blue tetrazolium/5-bromo-4-chloro-3- indolyl phosphate (NBT/BCIP; Roche) diluted with double-distilled [H.sub.2]O at 32[degrees]C, and tissues were then mounted with neutral resin.
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Here, [Beta]-galactosidase hydrolyzes the [Beta]-glycosidic bond of X-gal and produces an insoluble blue stain of indolyl monomers.
Summary: An effective and eco-friendly method for the bis(indolyl)methanes synthesis has been developed.