IAA indole-3-acetic acid

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Fig. 194 IAA. Molecular structure.click for a larger image
Fig. 194 IAA . Molecular structure.

IAA (indole-3-acetic acid or indolacetic acid)

the most thoroughly investigated type of AUXIN, which has been extracted from various natural sources.
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Physiologia Plantarum 15: 473-497) containing 2% sucrose, 100 [micro]M bencilaminopurine (BAP), 1 [micro]M indolacetic acid (IAA) and 0.
The effect of 4 concentrations of the indolacetic acid as well as the explant type on the in vitro development of the sweet orange fruit tissue [Citrus sinensis (L) Osbeck] Salustiana variety was characterized.