individualized family service plan

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in·di·vid·u·a·lized fam·i·ly ser·vice plan

(IFSP) (in'di-vij'yū-ăl-īzd fam'i-lē sĕr'vis plan)
The written contract that identifies the early intervention services designed for individual children and their families who are eligible for these services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (q.v.).

individualized family service plan

Abbreviation: IFSP
A written document, developed by service personnel and parents of young children with disabilities, that describes plans for intervention and educational placement. Twenty-five percent of occupational therapists now practice in school settings in order to meet the legislated mandate for public schools to provide related services for children with disabilities.
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The content of the individualized family service plans mainly addressed parenting a child with a disability.
After the child is assessed to determine the need for services, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed in collaboration with the child's caregiver.
A key part of this legislation is the Individualized Family Service Plan.
Characteristics of exemplary early intervention services are identified including collaboration with families and other professionals in the Individualized Family Service Plan process and home visits that promote functional outcomes for both the child and family.
Only five types of forms on the survey were mandated by 10 or more states: procedural safeguards notice, Individualized Education Program form, secondary transition plan form, parental permission for initial evaluation, and the Individualized Family Service Plan form.

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