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(1) A person requiring health and social care services.
(2) A tangible human being (as opposed to a legal “person”) which includes patients, relatives and carers, their representatives and support groups.
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Q. How do vaccines protect individuals from infectious diseases? Is it a 100% protection? And how come there are diseases without a vaccine?

A. Vaccine is a part of a pathogen (sometime the pathogen itself without the harmful part in it) that we inject to our self in order to get the body “ready” to meet the real disease. Unfortunately not all of the bacteria and viruses have vaccines. Some of them we can not mimic their proteins safely enough, or it won’t work any way. And sometimes it’s only partly effective, the body remembers it but not too well. So some of the vaccines offer only a partial protection.

Q. What kinds of jobs can individuals with autism do, so that they can enjoy life? My friend’s brother feels very bored at home and he often tells me that he is not finding any meaning for his life. What kinds of jobs can individuals with autism do, so that they can enjoy life?

A. Assure him that he is not the one who is alone with these types of negative feelings. In general, individuals with autism perform best at jobs which are structured and involve a degree of repetition. Some people who have autism are working as artists, piano tuners, painters, farm workers, office workers, computer operators, dishwashers, assembly line workers, or competent employees of sheltered workshops or other sheltered work settings.

Q. Regular participation in aerobic exercise lowers an individual's risk of developing cancer? I am a regular participant of aerobic, so the regular participation in aerobic exercise lowers an individual's risk of developing cancer?

A. You have some reason to be happy. Research suggests that exercise often modifies some of the risk factors associated with certain kinds of cancer. Obesity has been linked to cancer of the breast and the female reproductive system. Regular exercise has been shown to help promote weight loss. Several studies have also found that men who worked at sedentary jobs for most of their lives had a greater incidence of colon cancer than those in more active jobs. Exercise will not compensate the effects of a high-fat diet or smoking. Still it can contribute, even indirectly, to a reduced risk of cancer. As such, exercising regularly is recommended by the ACS [American Cancer Society] as an integral part of its cancer prevention program.

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This line of books gives them something to read that honors that intelligence and assertiveness, and that individuality."

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