individual tolerance

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in·di·vid·u·al tol·er·ance

tolerance to a drug that the person has never received before.
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It is assumed that individual tolerance might reflect aggregated-individual tolerance and the aggregated-individual tolerance could be both defined and explained by technical (expert) models.
This paper focuses on one of these values about income inequality: individual tolerance for income inequality or "taste for income inequality".
The cream was applied anywhere from twice a week to every other day depending on individual tolerance, for 8-16 weeks.
If Emir Kusturica ever made a pic in China, it would look a little like Jiang Wen's "The Sun Also Rises." Highly colored ride through landscape, love and history will prove murder for many and manna for a few, depending on individual tolerance for cranked-up visuals and acting, as well as knowledge of the niceties of 20th-century Maoist history.
Public gatherings are commonly treated as sites for individual persuasion, individual resistance, individual tolerance, and individual rhetoric.
- Individual tolerance results from genotype and environment, mediated by physiological characteristics.
That will depend on individual tolerance for such things.

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