individual licensure

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the granting of a permit to perform acts which, without it, would be illegal. The licensure of health care personnel traditionally has been the responsibility of the state licensing boards, governed by licensing statutes enacted by the state.
individual licensure the granting of a legal permit that is personal and cannot be transferred to another. The individual seeking the licensure must meet standards for practice as established by the state licensing statutes. In most instances the initial license is granted upon successful completion of an examination administered by the state examining board of the specific profession or vocation, and annual re-registration is required to maintain the license.
institutional licensure licensure of an agency providing a particular service to the public. In the health field the licensure of health care agencies, such as hospitals and clinics, has been common practice for many years.
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in·di·vid·u·al li·cen·sure

(in'di-vij'yū-ăl lī'sĕn-shŭr)
In health care regulation, granting a licence to a health care practitioner on completion of her or his training and subsequent investigation by authorizing bodies.
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individual licensure

In the health care profession, licensure of an individual to perform certain medical actions.
See also: licensure
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