individual differences

in·di·vid·u·al dif·fer·enc·es

in clinical psychology, deviations of people from the group average or from each other.
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Meanwhile, as we have said, whatever individual differences there might be between them all, Miss Crawley's dear nephews and nieces were unanimous in loving her and sending her tokens of affection.
An Introduction to Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence, 2nd Edition
A major focus of research in cognitive neuroscience is understanding how intelligence is shaped by individual differences in brain structure and function," said study leader Aron K.
Abdullah Yussef Al-Mutawa underlined the need for teachers to take into consideration individual differences between students to ensure success of the educational process.
A study by Kansas State University psychologist Donald Saucier, published in Personality and Individual Differences in May, found that those who believe in pure evil support more harsh criminal punishments.
I've studied individual differences in color vision for 30 years, and this is one of the biggest individual differences I've ever seen.
that if the real needs of employees and workers in the organization is not understood and appreciated and managers do not properly seek to satisfy it, the productivity decreases and the origin of these factors should be sought in individual differences and job satisfaction.
Given that Chinese people have been found to be more likely than are their North American counterparts to take risks (Hsee & Weber, 1997, 1999) and that framing has not consistently been found to have a significant effect among the Chinese participants, it is worth exploring how individual differences, especially in tendency to take risks, are related to framing effect.
Study's senior author Robert Coghill from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center found that individual differences in the amount of grey matter in certain regions of the brain are related to how sensitive different people are to pain.
It is claimed that although individual differences in personality exist, common traits exist throughout the Staffords.
When faking occurs, it is important to know the extent to which individual differences affect the magnitude of the change in the scores due to similar faking conditions.
We examined developmental and individual differences in 6th and 8th graders' fraction arithmetic and overall mathematics achievement and related them to differences in understanding of fraction magnitudes, whole number division, executive functioning, and metacognitive judgments within a crosssectional design.

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