indirect suggestion

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indirect suggestion,

n a type of instruction, phrased as an offhand recommendation, used by therapists during hypnosis to encourage patients to follow a desired course of action without actually directing them to do so. See also hypnosis.
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Both direct suggestion -- (you'll feel no pain") and indirect suggestion ("you will be surprised to find you feel perfectly comfortable") are used.
Other techniques used were seeding of ideas, utilisation, non-verbal cues, double-binds, story-telling, indirect suggestion, dissociation and reversed effect.
The German government's indirect suggestions to the judiciary failed to produce the desired results.
The intervention entailed hypnotic induction with relaxation and direct and indirect suggestions, dissociation, and mental imagery evoking coolness, such as walking down a mountain path on a cool day.
They showed that readers who had to pick up the indirect suggestions of the story's narrator acquired a better mental model of the narrator than readers who read a version of the story in which they were told explicitly what the narrator thought and felt.
Direct and indirect suggestions were equally effective, and the level of hypnotizability was significantly associated with treatment benefit in the hypnosis groups.