indirect selection

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indirect selection

the selection of mutant organisms (microorganisms) by determining those that do not grow on particular media.


done through an intermediate animal or function.

indirect advertising
advertising about the veterinary profession which indirectly benefits individual veterinarians.
indirect comparisons
comparisons made between individuals or groups in different locations.
indirect contact
see indirect contact.
indirect fluorescent antibody
see fluorescence microscopy.
indirect repeat
indirect selection
improving one character while selecting on another.
indirect social distance
social distance is distance between contacts in an infectious disease; indirect social distance is distance between indirect contacts.
indirect transmission of infection
transmission of infection via another medium, e.g. housing or bedding, without the animals ever being close to each other.
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The relatively low heritability estimates for the target traits can improve target traits by indirect selection, as shown in equation (4).
In this study, indirect selection responses were also identified that can likely be used to improve target traits.
Considering the results of selection gains, it was possible to obtain significant gains through direct selection; however, using indirect selection, it was possible to distinguish SDW that provided satisfactory gains in two environments.
Moreover, genetic variation and, heritability in the environment for indirect selection, needs to be greater than in the environment of direct selection.
Correlation analysis helps to determination effective traits in order to indirect selection superior genotypes.