indirect selection

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indirect selection

the selection of mutant organisms (microorganisms) by determining those that do not grow on particular media.


done through an intermediate animal or function.

indirect advertising
advertising about the veterinary profession which indirectly benefits individual veterinarians.
indirect comparisons
comparisons made between individuals or groups in different locations.
indirect contact
see indirect contact.
indirect fluorescent antibody
see fluorescence microscopy.
indirect repeat
indirect selection
improving one character while selecting on another.
indirect social distance
social distance is distance between contacts in an infectious disease; indirect social distance is distance between indirect contacts.
indirect transmission of infection
transmission of infection via another medium, e.g. housing or bedding, without the animals ever being close to each other.
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However, it is worth emphasizing that the indirect selection of fruits based on NS may not be the best breeding strategy, due to the difficulty of counting seeds.
The returns to indirect selection through the benefit structure depend on factors that are not observable by the regulator.
Traits from strong to moderate correlation present greater importance in early selections of common bean accessions, being used as a basis for correct selection of these genotypes through indirect selection.
Therefore, indirect selection strategy for tomato drought tolerance may rely on shoot traits, such as dry weight, plant height, and first and second order lateral branches length, having in mind their similar associations to the plant dry weight.
The genotypic correlations, except between FL x FD, were all higher than the phenotypic correlations, evidencing that the phenotype is influenced in greater magnitude by the genetic portion of the trait, which may favor the indirect selection of the traits.
This observation indicated that the indirect selection through individual traits over straight selection for seed yield per plant alone would not be effective.
Since the best option for crop production, under stressful conditions, is to improve both yield and yield stability through indirect selection, variability and heritability of traits related to stress tolerance need to be studied.
Several scientists have proposed methods to predict direct and indirect selection responses (Falconer, 1989; Bourdon, 2000).
In this study, estimation of narrow sense heritability, genetic correlations and relative effects of direct versus indirect selection were aimed for peduncle length, spike length, number of spikelet per spike and number of kernels per spike as selection was applied for shorter plant height in common wheat population of (Golia x Atilla-12) cross.
The first half looks at general topics such as nutrient management in organic farming and consequences for direct and indirect selection strategies, approaches to breeding improved weed suppression in organically grown cereals, and values and principles in organic farming and consequences for breeding approaches and techniques.
Therefore, selection for shell length or shell width can result in indirect selection for body weight or muscle weight.