indirect restoration

in·di·rect res·tor·a·tion

(indi-rekt restŏr-āshŭn)
Restoration formed on a die reproduction of a prepared tooth and then cemented into place; includes porcelain, gold inlays, and porcelain crowns.
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Demand for dental restorative supplies in indirect restoration procedures is relatively higher than direct restoration procedures.
Indirect Restoration Likely to Offer Robust Growth The major application segments for dental restorative supplies include direct restoration and indirect restoration.
The quality of an impression determines the quality of the indirect restoration."
Teeth prepared for indirect restoration expose much more dentine than healthy teeth, a fact that also must be taken into account when considering caries progress.
On the contrary, impression material is gaining high traction owing to rising demand for indirect restoration procedures, says the report.
(7,8,9) For restoring endodontic treated teeth the first question frequently observed is: "what material is more appropriated?" and the followed question is: "which technique, direct or indirect restoration, is better for restoring endodontic treated teeth?" and also, "Is necessary to recover cusp structure?".
Posterior teeth represent a scenario of variable complexity when clinicians are performing a direct or indirect restoration using adhesive-resin-based materials.
An ideal luting procedure consists of a stable and long-lasting seal between an indirect restoration and the tooth, avoiding infiltration and preventing plaque accumulation.
The importance of shade selection for an indirect restoration is connected to the perception of chromatic hues involved in the dental structure.
The resin composite discs were also placed on the heated plate for approximately 1 min; therefore, both LA and indirect restoration had the same temperature during cementation.
So both glass ionomer cements and resin based luting cements can be used for cementation of fixed partial dentures or any other indirect restoration on vital teeth.