indirect ophthalmoscopy

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in·di·rect oph·thal·mos·co·py

examination of the ocular fundus by means of a beam of light from a headlamp or mirror worn by the examiner and a convex, hand-held lens that forms a virtual, inverted image.

indirect ophthalmoscopy

Observation of an inverted image in the ocular fundus.
See also: ophthalmoscopy
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Grade C (marked) PVR was said to be present when full-thickness folds of rigid retina with heavy vitreous condensation and strands are detected on slit lamp and indirect ophthalmoscopy.
Measuring the disc size by indirect ophthalmoscopy is also possible15.
All the participants underwent a complete ophthalmic examination, including visual acuity (VA) measurement, refraction, and slit lamp examination, dilated fundus examination by indirect ophthalmoscopy, +90D and direct ophthalmoscopy.
The fundus examination of the left eye by direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy showed PPS, pigmentary changes in retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) around the excavation (Figure 2) and normal branching retinal vessels arising from OD.
Pupils were dilated and fundoscopy performed with direct, indirect ophthalmoscopy and slit lamp indirect bimicroscopy.
Dilated indirect ophthalmoscopy coupled with biomicroscopy, and 7 standard field stereoscopic 30[degrees] fundus photography are both accepted methods for examining diabetic retinopathy.
However, indirect ophthalmoscopy by specially trained personnel has sometimes been used to make the definitive diagnosis for practical reasons.
The optic discs were assessed by indirect ophthalmoscopy and although symmetrical, appeared to show significant cupping with cup to disc (CD) ratios of 0.
Fundus examination was done using slit lamp biomicroscopy with a +78D lens and indirect ophthalmoscopy with +20D lens.
All the patients were thoroughly evaluated pre operatively with slit lamp biomicroscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy and dynamic ultrasound B scan examination.
BCVA measurement with Early Treatment in Diabetic Retinopathy Study (ETDRS) charts and ophthalmic examination including Slit-lamp bio microscopy indirect ophthalmoscopy Fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) and OCT were done at the base line examination.
However, the best method for looking at retinal thickening is still by indirect ophthalmoscopy or slit-lamp biomicroscopy.

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