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indirect method,

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In all fighting, the direct method may be used for joining battle, but indirect methods will be needed in order to secure victory.
Indirect method of hurting rival nations helps Iranian leaders dodge responsibility and provides them with the powerful tool of deniability on the international stage.
Some articles analyzed the influence of other factors such as: a) the structures of the indirect and direct methods, detecting higher correlation between the methods when they were similar (Payne, Burkley & Stokes, 2008); b) the social desirability effects, detecting a stronger relationship between such methods among participants with low motivation to hide alcohol consumption (Payne, Burkley & Stokes, 2008); and c) the administration sequence of instruments, finding that participants only presented positive implicit alcohol associations when completing the indirect method before the direct one (Noel & Thomson, 2012).
The second is the informational needs; the indirect method can easily be prepared using a spreadsheet, which is usually not true for the direct method.
Some studies prove that indirect method of CF is more effective for creating accuracy in L2 writings (Lalande, 1982; Ferris, 2002; Ferris, 2006; Miceli, 2006).
This indirect method generates alternating current (AC) which can be easily distributed on the power network.
They were asked to stay in the position for as long as they could bear it, providing researchers with an indirect method of gauging endorphin activity in the brain.
Very few financial statement preparers, however, adhere to the guidance because the indirect method (IM) continues to be the most favored presentation method for preparers of cash flow statements (Accounting Standards Codification[R] 230-10-45-25).
Zuckerberg said the data center would be cooled using outside air, but as Clonee is close to the Irish Sea, the company will have to use an indirect method which will filter any salt out of the air first before it is used.
Linear regression analysis indicated that the cumulative shoot length (cm) and biomass removal (g) estimated with our indirect method was similar to direct measurements on Scouler's willows (Salix scouleriana).