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indirect method,

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Direct methods measure the flexibility of static Indirect methods measure the flexibility of static Procedure sit and brush with a traditional box Procedure sit and brush with modified box Goniometric test method (goniometer)
xx] of each indirect method, when compared with DXA for each group, are reported in Tables 9, 10 and 11, respectively.
2) Three times with a spacing of 600 mm on the tangential surface at early wood positions using the indirect method (variant B);
A determinant argument in favor of this self-focus hypothesis was given by Aucote and Gold (2005), who compared the direct with the indirect method and recorded the times needed to answer.
Preheat the barbecue using the indirect method - only cover 180 degrees of the barbecue with charcoal, light it and allow it to burn until the charcoal turns white.
The basic principle of potentiometry is the same in both methods, but the indirect method uses an assumption that makes its use flawed under conditions of hyperlipidemia or hyperproteinemia.
It is an indirect method, but this study suggests that this system would work for galaxies that are much farther away than M33.
Compare and contrast the direct and the indirect method of presenting the cash flows from operating activities.
We believe this new method is more appropriate for small business owners to use because it is easier to understand and provides a more realistic view of a company's cash flow and liquidity than does GAAP's indirect method cash flow statement.
The researchers use an indirect method radial velocity to detect planets.