indirect illumination

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in·di·rect il·lu·mi·na·tion

(indi-rekt i-lūmi-nāshŭn)
Use of the mirror surface to reflect light onto a tooth surface in a darker area of the mouth.
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Global illumination methods (4) compute the contribution to the radiance at a point coming from direct illumination (i.e., incident light coming directly from light sources) and the contribution from indirect illumination, that is light that has been scattered and reflected off other surfaces in the scene before reaching the point.
Indirect illumination for the porte cochere is provided by T5 fluorescent fixtures within the architectural cove.
The luminaire offers direct and indirect illumination up to 4600 lumens.
To avoid this, Orgish and his team primarily used indirect illumination throughout the different functional areas to light architectural surfaces in a project spanning from 2010 to 2013.
Furthermore, the indirect illumination on the steps/escalators offered high quality vertical illumination for illuminating people and for identifying the step treads.
(There were also three variations in the operation of the workstation-specific, direct-indirect luminaires, which resulted in different proportions of indirect illumination, but these were small in comparison to the difference between workstation-specific, direct-indirect lighting and recessed parabolic louvered luminaires.) All the measured locations met or exceeded IES recommendations for work-plane illuminance.