indirect illumination

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in·di·rect il·lu·mi·na·tion

(indi-rekt i-lūmi-nāshŭn)
Use of the mirror surface to reflect light onto a tooth surface in a darker area of the mouth.
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Figure 7 (top) which uses the built-in BRDF shader, shows the direct reflection of the six light sources correctly, but there is no reflection at all of the indirect illumination from the surrounding checkered floor.
A series of cove-mounted asymmetric luminaires with linear fluorescent lamping by Ledalite provide indirect illumination of the ceilings and various wall surfaces, giving the impression that the lobby is larger than it is.
With just a few intuitive settings, users can easily create photorealistic images with perfectly simulated real-world lighting and materials, including the subtle effects of indirect illumination and refraction, which are critical to achieving realism.
Furthermore, the indirect illumination on the steps/escalators offered high quality vertical illumination for illuminating people and for identifying the step treads.
This indirect illumination is achieved through the photon mapping core technology in mental ray, fully integrated inside Pro/ENGINEER
There were also three variations in the operation of the workstation-specific, direct-indirect luminaires, which resulted in different proportions of indirect illumination, but these were small in comparison to the difference between workstation-specific, direct-indirect lighting and recessed parabolic louvered luminaires.
Realistic lighting is largely determined by indirect illumination effects such as the occlusion of elements in a scene from simulated direct light and the indirect illumination caused by light scattered from various directly or indirectly lit surfaces in the 3D environment.
New algorithms dramatically accelerate indirect illumination, ambient occlusion, and other effects associated with global illumination.
Indirect illumination -- engineers can now introduce more accurate light effects into their designs, ensuring that light reflects properly off different geometry and scene backgrounds and illuminates areas previously left in the dark; -- Contour rendering -- engineers who want to show how a part fits in a larger assembly can hide exterior features to reveal the part inside.
Unlike other rendering technologies, Lightscape's radiosity technology accurately simulates the interaction of light among surfaces in a model producing significant lighting effects such as indirect illumination, soft shadows and color bleeding.