indirect bonding

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in·di·rect bond·ing

(indi-rekt bonding)
Two-step process by which orthodontic attachments are affixed temporarily to teeth of a study cast from which they are transferred to the mouth at one time by means of a template or tray that preserves the predetermined orientation and permits them to be bonded simultaneously.
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Clinical comparison of direct versus indirect bonding with different bracket types and adhesives.
Indirect Bonding. It is well known that it is very difficult to form diffusion between [C.sub.f]/SiC composites owing to the strong covalent bond and the poor deformation ability of the SiC in [C.sub.f]/SiC composites, thus resulting in a weak bonding strength of direct bonding joint (Figure 2(b)).
For 3M's and 3Shape's joint customers, the cooperation will enable use of the 3Shape TRIOS scanner and 3Shape indirect bonding software with 3M's Incognito lingual appliance system, the Clarity ADVANCED brackets with APC Flash Free technology for indirect bonding procedures, as well as future orthodontic product offerings.
with Olsen's overview of the Insignia bonding process, which combines 3D planning software, custom-milled brackets, and archwires with precision placement and indirect bonding to create a treatment truly unique to every patient.
At this point, transfer trays are fabricated so the brackets can be delivered clinically via the indirect bonding method.