indirect assay

in·di·rect as·say

for antibody; an application of the ELISA method in which serum being tested for antibody is added to wells coated with known antigen; presence of antibody bound to the antigen coat can be determined by addition of immunoglobulin-specific antibody to which is linked the enzyme of the indicator system, followed by addition of substrate to the washed aggregate.
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Strongly basic medium decomposes artesunate and this procedure has been suggested as a means of indirect assay for artesunate.
In none of the clinical specimens we examined did we discover the quantities of hCGn found by other investigators using indirect assay methodologies.
The PRA assay is an indirect assay of renin and is complicated by the fact that Ang I is usually converted to Ang II and degraded into smaller inactive peptides.
In general, the ratio of hits between direct and indirect is much less than the overall ratio of the number of direct to indirect assays.
A common format is to coat the ELISA plate with antibody for direct assays, or antigen for indirect assays.
These include direct measurement of in vivo oxidative stress and also indirect assays, e.
The Integra ion-selective electrode (ISE) module is designed to quantify Na, K, Cl, and Li in serum and plasma by direct assays of undiluted samples or indirect assays of diluted samples.