indigo carmine

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in·di·go car·mine

(in'di-gō kar'mīn), [C.I. 73015]
A blue dye used to measure kidney function and as a special stain for Negri bodies.
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Indigo carmine and 3-nitropherol of AR grade were used without additional purification.
The decolonisation and disappearance of indigo carmine was followed by using spectrophotometer (ELICO SL 171).
They can be broadly categorized as occurring intraoperatively and postoperatively, and can be largely avoided by minimizing wide dissection, by placing sutures at least 2 cm medial to the ischial spine to avoid injury to the pudendal neurovascular bundle, and by always performing a rectal exam as well as cystoscopy with IV indigo carmine following the surgical procedure.
The patient is given IV indigo carmine to ensure the ureters are not compromised, and a cystoscopy is performed at the conclusion of the case to confirm function.
In another series of 700 consecutive patients who underwent vaginal surgeries for apical prolapse over the past 3 years at the Cleveland Clinic, 37 had no spill--suggesting ureteral obstruction--on cystoscopy with intravenous indigo carmine.
In a retrospective study of 700 patients who underwent vaginal surgery for anterior and/or apical prolapse from 2001 to 2004, and who also underwent intraoperative cystoscopy with intravenous indigo carmine to evaluate ureteral patency, 37 patients (5.
He routinely instills 200 cc of indigo carmine dye into the bladder to see if it leaks.
It's safe to inject indigo carmine dye directly into the ureter at the bifurcation of the iliac artery, where the ureter is easy to find.
When performing a vaginal hysterectomy, after catheterizing the bladder, add 20 mL of saline mixed with indigo carmine and then either clamp or remove the catheter, thus leaving a small amount of dye in the bladder.
In the procedure, the bladder is first instilled with a mixture of normal saline and indigo carmine, and a Pfannenstiel incision is made into the abdominal cavity.