indigo carmine

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in·di·go car·mine

(in'di-gō kar'mīn), [C.I. 73015]
A blue dye used to measure kidney function and as a special stain for Negri bodies.
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gt;> Sodium fluorescein as an alternative to indigo carmine during intraoperative cystoscopy
Studies reporting a higher risk in patients with a large median lobe have suggested the use of a temporary ureteral stent or intravenous indigo carmine depending on the surgeon's preference after dissecting the anterior bladder neck in order to prevent ureteral injury during the dissection of the posterior bladder neck in these patients (3,4).
He did not have either any major medical problems including cardiovascular or respiratory diseases, history of surgical procedure, or exposure of indigo carmine.
7) The reaction of oxygen with the indigo carmine allows the colorimetric method to duplicate the change in concentration seen in actual wine storage.
The decolonisation and disappearance of indigo carmine was followed by using spectrophotometer (ELICO SL 171).
ICC uses indigo carmine stain to improve visualization of dysplasia.
Thus, substituting indigo carmine for indigo provides a demonstration that simulates all chemical aspects of the vat-dyeing process except the difficult and time consuming dissolv ing of indigo.
Imagine my surprise when I noticed on the pack that they also contained the following added colours: Titanium Dioxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Indigo Carmine and Erythrosine.
Goldberg said he first read about the use of the dye as an alternative to indigo carmine, which is no longer available, in a study published in 2015; the study reported good results with a 10% preparation of sodium fluorescein administered at 0.
Picro bottles indigo carmine dye for microscopic observation of sperm by staining christmas tree.
Barbieri's editorial on the indigo carmine shortage very appropriate and timely.