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Having insufficient income to pay for medical care or other living necessities.
[L. indigentia, want or need]
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According to the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) issued by the DOLE, applicants should submit a copy of their birth certificate, Certificate of Indigence or Low Income issued by the barangay or social welfare office, copy of the student's report card or certification as out-of-school youth issued by the barangay chairman or social welfare officer.
MARDAN -- Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that the flawed foreign policy of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government is leading the country to isolation in the comity of nations, while its economic policy is increasing poverty and indigence in the country making life harder for the poor.
But courts are likely to balk because of the costs of investigating defendants' claims of indigence, he said.
One would have imagined, in view of the great efforts made by the UGTT to push Youssef Chahed to do as Habib Essid did, describe the state of indigence of officials who would not even find food, that these same officials would not need so much mobilization speech and so much money from their dues spent traveling the country to go on strike.
In fact, the said statutory protection is in line with the public policy stated in Article 24 of the Civil Code, which enjoins courts to be vigilant in protecting parties who-in all contractual, property or other relations-are at a disadvantage on account of their moral dependence, ignorance, indigence, mental weakness, tender age or some other handicap.
Uo[beaucoup moins que]Et une partie en revient aussi Uu ceux qui, dUu[c]jUu installUu[c]s dans le pays et dans la foi, accueillirent les Uu[c]migrUu[c]s avec joie, sans ressentir la moindre envie pour ce que ces derniers recevaient, allant mUuo"me jusquae1/4aoUu se priver en leur faveur, malgrUu[c] leur propre indigence. Heureux les gens qui savent se prUu[c]munir contre leur propre avarice !Uo[beaucoup plus grand que], (sourate el hachr, verset 9).
At present Pakistan needs 2 million homes to build for indigence families who are homeless.
The foundation's coordinator, Mr Omotayo Olaifa, said the major criteria for the award, which covers tuition and accommodation, were indigence and excellent academic grade which must not be less than Second Class Upper division.
The fifth most-densely populated country, Pakistan centre around indigence and deprivation.
Duque takes office as Venezuela's economic implosion has sent nearly a million refugees over its shared border, spreading indigence and despair and vanquished diseases like measles.
New research is needed on modern art's relationship to indigence. The confrontation with la misere inspired many 19th-century artists to experiment with imperfection, refusing 'conventional beauty or elegance'.
Dr Fehmeeda Bibi of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, conducted trials in Multan and Sukkur finding out that instead of using imported expensive ingredients indigence plant feedstuff such as wheat, wheat meddling, rice polishing, canola meal, sunflower meal can be used in fish diet.