indicator system

in·di·ca·tor sys·tem

in in vitro immunologic tests, a combination of reagents used to determine the degree to which immunologic reagents have combined (for example, sensitized erythrocytes in complement-fixation tests; enzyme and substrate in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays).
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There were seven (7) major components that made up the DAP (2003): (1) Standards and Assessment; (2) Reading First Initiative; (3) Personnel Quality and Accountability; (4) Home School Connection; (5) Federal, State and Local Programs; (6) System-Wide Needs and Assessment; and (7) School-Wide Indicator System. In September 2006, the Superintendent of Education appointed the Associate Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, the Administrator of Research, Planning & Evaluation, and the Administrator of Federal Programs to collaboratively review and update the District Action Plan in September 2006.
Tenders are invited for Routine, preventive and breakdown maintenance work of rf based ash level (high) indicator system and all rapping motors in esp electrical system of unit no 5and6 of 2x250 mw, ptep parichha
The report is divided into the following sections: (1) Introduction; (2) Standards and Assessment; (3) Personnel Quality and Accountability; (4) School-Wide Indicator System; and (5) SY (School Year) 05-06 Exemplary Programs & Accomplishments.
Tenders are invited for comprehensive maintenance of digital epabx and lift indicator system in connection with Repair Maintenance Operation lifts installed at national museum, janpath, new delhi
Areas covered are: (1) standards and assessment; (2) personnel quality and accountability; (3) federal, state, and local programs; (4) home-school connection; (5) Education Indicator System; (6) system changes/needs; and (7) reading first/direct instruction.
The main functional bricks envisaged could be the following ones: * a system to manage the relationship with the producers, Of type crm / srm, Management of exchanges and litigations, * a system for managing contracts (including modeling of new contracts) with parts storage and electronic signature, * workflow features, * a system for collecting counting data (indexes and load curves) allowing verification of billing and various justifications, * a system for managing invoices and their accounting, * a very advanced reporting and indicator system, * the management of the repositories, * exchange platform with other internal and external is (enedis, Rte, Pgi, Docapost, ...).
: Providing maintenance and support to the health information indicator system (iszi) and the nczi managing information system (mis nczi), Together with the two apv systems, Based on agreed service level target slts,
These objectives, discussed in detail in the plan, are grouped into the following categories: (1) standards and assessment; (2) personnel quality and accountability; (3) federal, state, and local programs; (4) home-school connection; (5) Education Indicator System; and (6) system-wide needs/changes.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today a new automotive indicator system that projects animated illuminations on road surfaces around the vehicle, which can change in response to approaching passersby, to realize highly intuitive, easy-to-see warnings about the vehicle's intended movements for enhanced road safety.
Tenders are invited for Providing replacement of hoist plateform chequarred plate, Cross girders, Dial indicator system, wire rope, turn buckle assembly, CDU assembly component & bottom & side rubber seal & providing Enterance gate of spillway &M.S.
It is also necessary to create an indicator system that permits tracking progress in each element of standards-based reform.
Tenders are invited for Status indicator system along with transportation case