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one of the five digits of the hand.
baseball finger mallet finger.
clubbed finger one affected by clubbing.
hammer finger mallet f.
index finger forefinger.
mallet finger partial permanent flexion of the terminal phalanx of a finger caused by a ball or other object striking the end or back of the finger, resulting in rupture of the attachment of the extensor tendon. Called also baseball or hammer finger.
webbed f's syndactyly of the fingers.
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in·dex fin·ger

the second finger (the thumb being counted as the first).
Synonym(s): digitus (manus) secundus [II] [II]* ☆ , forefinger, index (1) , second finger
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index finger

1. The finger next to the thumb.
2. The part of a glove that covers this finger. In both senses also called first finger, forefinger.
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in·dex fing·er

(in'deks fing'gĕr) [TA]
The second finger (the thumb is being counted as the first).
Synonym(s): index (1) .
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index finger

The finger adjacent to the thumb.
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Dr Pearce goes on to explain that typically scientists have believed women with higher index finger to ring finger ratio are viewed as "more feminized" and thus are more sought after by men.
Composites were seen in next higher frequency with majority of them in the thumb (57%) followed by index finger (23%) and were at least seen in little finger (2.2%) as seen in Table 1.
Cambridge University scientists found that financial traders whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers generally make the most money.
Research led by The University of Warwick and The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) found men whose index finger is longer than their ring finger were one-third less likely to develop the disease.
Less exposure to the sex hormone testosterone results in a longer index finger and may also protect against prostate cancer later in life.
In general, those wagging their index fingers in the viewers' face want to convey clear messages to the representatives of infidelity and arrogance and especially the tyrants of our times, the United States, Israel and the small demons that are loyal to them, saying that their hour had come and that the speakers who usually carry light weapons behind their backs - based on a tradition instated by Osama Bin Laden - will not allow the American and Israeli corruption to proceed.
At a press conference here, Nadery claimed a FEFA observer saw the insurgents cut off the ink-coloured index fingers of two voters for disregarding their warnings against participation in the presidential and provincial council polls.
When I tested the theory on a fit colleague of mine, we discovered her ring finger was slightly shorter than her index finger. That means she ought to be bad at running, yet she regularly pounds the streets for up to seven miles.
People whose ring and index fingers are close to the same length make better navigators, according to the research.
Sadie Plant, a behavioral expert who has studied the phenomenon, says those agile thumbs are becoming "bigger, more muscular." Japanese teens often now favor thumbs over index fingers to point.
Scientists have discovered that top players are more likely to have longer ring fingers than index fingers.