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In human genetics, the patient or member of the family that brings a family under study.
Synonym(s): index case
[L. probo, to test, prove]
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index case

1. The earliest identified occurrence of a disease or disorder, usually as part of an epidemiological investigation of a patient population or a genetic study of a family.
2. The first patient who has such a disease or disorder. Also called proband, propositus.
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index case

See Index patient, see there.
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in·dex case

(in'deks kās)
The first case in the investigation of the outbreak of a potentially epidemic disease.
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Index case

The first case of a contagious disease in a group or population that serves to call attention to the presence of the disease.
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Hospital transmission of MERS-CoV has been attributed to the suboptimal infection control practices such as lack of personal protective equipment use, poor hand hygiene, delay in timely index case isolation, lack of negative pressure rooms, and performing aerosolising procedures without appropriate personal protective equipment.
Moreover, estimates of the serial interval (i.e., time between index case and symptom onset in secondary infection) are limited to pandemic influenza in nonhousehold settings (6,12-15).
This study was conducted among household contacts of index cases with sputum smear-positive PTB in 13 selected PHCs from 1 August 2015 to 29 February 2016.
Forty-one pediatric index cases and 114 family members were included in this study.
We are thankful to the Faculty of Pediatrics of LUMHS and Chest specialists of Kori Institute of Chest Diseases for allowing us to collect data and provision of diagnostic and management facilities to the index cases and clinical suspects of our study.
The index cases had normal platelet count and leucocytic count highlighting that there was neither bone marrow suppression nor hypersplenism.
Among 15 Ebola outbreaks in remote areas of nine counties with index case symptom onset dates during July 16--November 20, 2014, 12 investigations had complete data (Figure 1).
Among the 71 index cases 47 (66-2%) were male and 16 (22-5%) were children (age below 15 years).
a--anthropometric parameters: weight and size of the index case.
Since Figure 1 does not show effect separately for the clinical form of the index cases, cases and person-time of all control and experimental groups could be combined to a single rate for chemoprophylaxis and for control groups.
This analysis included 6831 contacts of 1319 index cases with an average of 5 (SD = 4.1) contacts per index case.