index case

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In human genetics, the patient or member of the family that brings a family under study.
Synonym(s): index case
[L. probo, to test, prove]
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index case

1. The earliest identified occurrence of a disease or disorder, usually as part of an epidemiological investigation of a patient population or a genetic study of a family.
2. The first patient who has such a disease or disorder. Also called proband, propositus.
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index case

See Index patient, see there.
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in·dex case

(in'deks kās)
The first case in the investigation of the outbreak of a potentially epidemic disease.
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Index case

The first case of a contagious disease in a group or population that serves to call attention to the presence of the disease.
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Only the index case and his sibling (2/23, 9%) had been/were commenced on treatment for TB disease.
We also obtained an empirical basic baseline rate of disease spread to quantify the observed velocity for each case [z.sub.i] directly from the data by measuring the linear distance (meters) of case [Z.sub.i] to the index case and then dividing it by the time in days that elapsed since the index case was reported.
Moreover, all TB index cases are offered the opportunity to choose the nearest healthcare facility or community health worker they wish to receive TB treatment or IPT.
A total of 114 family members of 41 pediatric patients (index cases) who had been diagnosed with acute brucellosis at the Gaziantep State Children Hospital's Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases were evaluated during the period from September 2012 to August 2013.
Subjects and Methods: A total of 125 children suffering from active tuberculosis (index cases)aged 12 years or less were randomly selected from the outpatient department of a tertiary care hospital of Hyderabad.
The index case highlights that otolaryngologists should be aware of this disorder along with the fact that psychogenic dysphagia needs to be evaluated in detail.
of index case Nimba Small Ganta 900 July 16 Grand Kru Parluken 2,000 August 4 Grand Cape Mount Jenewonde 800 August 28 Grand Bassa John Logan Town 5,000 September 9 Bomi Dorley-La 301 September 16 Gbarpolu Geleyansiesu 800 September 27 Bong Bomota 397 October 12 Sinoe Government Camp 6,200 October 13 Grand Bassa Quewein 371 October 14 Rivercess Kayah 5,000 October 16 Bong Tayla-ta 500 October 24 Grand Cape Mount Waleaquah 700 November 20 Total no.
A history of a known index case is observed in 71 (27-6%) patients: 57 within the household and 14 amongst social contacts.
We identified the index case and deter-mined the temporal pattern of all subsequent cases.
This involves the identification of a newly diagnosed Ebola case -- the "index case" -- and the tracing of all his/her contacts.
a--anthropometric parameters: weight and size of the index case.