independent medical evaluation

in·de·pen·dent med·i·cal e·val·u·a·tion

(IME) (in'dĕ-pen'dĕnt med'i-kăl ĕ-val'yū-ā-shŭn)
Used by insurers to determine a patient's diagnosis, need for continued treatment, degree and permanency of disability, or ability to return to work.
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Prequalifications are invited for Independent Medical Evaluation
MES Solutions is the nation's leading management service organization providing legal, insurance, business and other entities direct access to multi-specialty examiners/reviewers with expertise in conducting independent medical evaluations, peer and medical bill review.
SAN DIEGO -- Balanced presentations that avoid preconceived conclusions and pay careful attention to detail are key to conducting high-quality independent medical evaluations for workers' compensation, Dr.
ABOUT MCN: Since 1985 Medical Consultants Network has been a leading national provider of medical assessment services, addressing injury and disability claims with independent medical evaluations, medical peer reviews and related services.
Others claims are not as clear-cut, and that's where independent medical evaluations are beneficial.
Reacting to the adjusters' need to access medical and disability management resources, like independent medical evaluations, case management professionals and physician advisor services, we created a Web-based interface for referring cases, giving our partners access to services all at the click of a mouse.
The Company provides networks of preferred providers, case management, utilization management, independent medical evaluations and medical bill review to customers nationwide.
Medical Consultants Network provides medical judgment services including Independent Medical Evaluations and Peer Reviews for clients representing employers, insurers, third-party administrators, the legal community and government entities.
MCN, a Seattle-based national provider of Medical Judgment Services including Independent Medical Evaluations and Peer Review, announces roll-out of web-based application allowing clients to order, track and receive services.
an internationally recognized expert in impairment and disability assessment, medical-legal issues and the field of independent medical evaluations.
MCN), a leading provider of medical judgment services including Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Peer Review, and Nurse Case Management services, today announced that the U.
The two have jointly developed a customized version of ApproveIt(TM), Silanis Technology's leading electronic approval software to allow medical providers, insurance companies, government agencies and self-insured entities to electronically exchange signed, legally binding documents such as Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs), insurance forms, prescriptions and other critical documents.

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